7 Best Car Insurance Deals in North Carolina for 2022

From brand new drivers taking the road for the first time to elderly motorists driving into retirement, everyone who operates a motor vehicle has a different set of needs. Those varying needs and evolving protection requirements mean that buying car insurance is rarely an easy or a straightforward process.

The young driver leaving home for the first time may find that the coverage their parents have in place is prohibitively expensive, while a driver with a growing family to protect might find that policies aimed at newer drivers are not sufficient to their needs. If you want to find the best car insurance policy in North Carolina, you must first understand that there is no such thing as a single best policy.

Rather than choosing a best overall company for drivers in North Carolina, we have reviewed the evidence and the rates to come with the most affordable and comprehensive coverage in various categories. Now that the information has all been compiled, here are the best car insurance choices for young drivers, older drivers and those somewhere in the middle.

1. Cheapest Car Insurance in North Carolina for New Drivers

Being a new driver almost always means paying higher car insurance rates. Without a track record to point to, young drivers face higher premiums for the coverage they need, and it is up to them to prove that they are responsible behind the wheel.

The good news is that some companies are more forgiving of young drivers than others, allowing them to save money while they learn the rules of the road and navigate the chopping waters of daily life as an adult. Geico in particular is a great choice for young drivers, and with rates as low as $871 per year. Other affordable options for North Carolina drivers include North Carolina Farm Bureau , Penn National, Progressive and MetLife.

2. Cheapest Car Insurance in North Carolina for Minimum Coverage

If you are struggling to make ends meet, the last thing you need is a high car insurance bill. For North Carolina drivers who need a break, buying minimum coverage can be a workable solution, and there are lots of affordable options in the state.

Keep in mind that buying minimum coverage could mean you may be left liable for excessive damage in the event of an accident. It is important to research your options, and your risks, carefully, before making a decision. If you do find that minimum coverage is right for you, Geico has your back with a policy that will set you back less than $300 a year, while the North Carolina Farm Bureau offers coverage for just over $350. Other choices include Penn National, MetLife. and Progressive.

3. Cheapest Poor Credit Car Insurance for North Carolina Drivers

It may not be fair, but your credit score will likely play a role in how much you are charged for car insurance in North Carolina. That is because underwriters have found a connection over the years, one that says drivers with poor credit are more likely to get into an accident.

That connection between poor credit and poor driving skills may not apply to you, of course. Even so, you could end up paying the price as you work to rebuild your credit, but that price does not have to be high, not when there are affordable options for North Carolina drivers. MetLife, for instance, offers a policy for as little as $458 annually, followed by Penn National and progressive at less than $500 a year. Other affordable options for North Carolina drivers include Geico and the North Carolina Farm Bureau.


4. Cheapest Car Insurance for North Carolina Drivers with a Less Than Stellar Record

Accidents happen - that is why they are called accidents. If you have one or more crashes to your name, however, you may find it harder, and more expensive, to get car insurance. The good news is that some companies are more forgiving than others, and shopping around could save you a great deal of money.

For North Carolina drivers with one or more crashes, the North Carolina Farm Bureau offers the most affordable rates, with policies starting at around $560 annually. Geico is also among the most forgiving for those with less than stellar driving records, with coverage starting at less than $650 a year. Other good choices include MetLife, Penn National, and Progressive.

5. Cheapest Car Insurance for 30-Year-Old North Carolina Drivers

Brand new drivers face some significant challenges in the car insurance marketplace, but with age and wisdom come savings. By the time they reach their third decade of life, North Carolina drivers may be eligible for some real reductions in their car insurance premiums.

These premiums may seem a bit higher at first, but keep in mind that older drivers are likely to have more to protect than their younger counterparts. That means they will probably opt for higher coverage limitations on the liability part of their policies, and they may also carry comprehensive coverage on the newer vehicles they are now driving.

That means that 30-year-old North Carolina drivers can both increase their level of coverage and save money with policies through Geico, with offers starting as low as $726 a year. Other good options for 30-year-old drivers include the North Carolina Farm Bureau, State Farm, and  Erie Insurance,

6. Cheapest Auto Insurance for 40-Year-Old North Carolina Drivers

North Carolina drivers in their 40s can have very divergent needs for auto insurance, and that can mean wildly differing rates for coverage. Employees who work from home, for instance, may opt for car insurance coverage that is based not on a flat rate but on the number of miles driven. North Carolina drivers with a long commute, on the other hand, may prefer a car insurance policy that offers a low, and predictable, monthly premium.

The policy that is right for you in your 40s will depend on a number of factors, but Geico offers some of the most attractive premiums around, with rates starting at less than $750 per year. Other attractive car insurance options for 40-year-old North Carolina drivers include policies by State Farm, the North Carolina Farm Bureau, Erie Insurance, and Nationwide.

7. Cheapest Car Insurance Rates for Mature Drivers 

Older drivers face their own set of challenges, both on the road and in the car insurance marketplace. While they have more experience behind the wheel, drivers in their 50s, 60s, and 70s may also suffer from chronic health problems that make driving safely more difficult. They may have poorer vision, slower reflexes, and other difficulties behind the wheel, and those factors can all impact the insurance rates they have to pay.

While the rates for drivers in these age ranges can very quite a bit, older drivers may find that Geico is among the most affordable in terms of both premium and coverage. With annual rates starting at less than $770, Geico is clearly a friend to the older North Carolina driver. Other affordable options for older drivers in North Carolina include State Farm, Erie Insurance, the North Carolina Farm Bureau, and Nationwide.

If you drive a car, you need car insurance, but getting the coverage they need is not always easy for North Carolina residents. If you want to protect yourself behind the wheel, you need to look not only for the cheapest rates overall but for the policies that offer the best combination of protection and affordability. Now that you know what to look for, you can shop with confidence and enjoy peace of mind every time you leave the driveway and head out on the highway.